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The Dame Alice Owen Foundation - Founded 1613
Trustee: The Worshipful Company of Brewers

It would be helpful to us if you consider these frequently asked questions below as a way of troubleshooting before contacting us.  If you still have a query please see details at the end of the list!
01. How are my personal details used and can anyone view my details?
Please read our Privacy Notice May 2017 (pdf below) to see how we protect, store and use your personal details.
Be reassured that only fellow Old Owenians who log in can view your Name and Class Of data. You control what other personal details are able to be viewed by those logged into the site.
02. How do I set permission for others to view my details?
You have to check the box next to each piece of information you enter to allow others to view.
03. Do I have to complete all the boxes?
No, you only provide the information you want to. Your Name, Preferred Email and School Years are the only compulsory fields and only your Name and School Years are automatically disclosed to other members. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to tailor events for our alumni in the future.
04. What if I forget my username and password?
Click on the Password Reminder link in the login box and enter your email address – you will then be sent your username and password details automatically.
05. How do I add information to my profile?
Under each section you click on the word Add to allow you to enter further data. When you have added new data, the details will appear in red until our moderator has accepted them. This may take up to a couple of days and you will recieve an email to confirm.
06. How do I edit information on my profile?
Under each section you click on the word Edit to change your data. When you have edited your data, the details will appear in red until our moderator has accepted them. This may take up to a couple of days and you will recieve an email to confirm.
07. How do I enter information if it’s not available on the drop down menu?
Where applicable, there is an “Other? please state” value, which you select, then key in your new information in the box provided.
08. If I don't disclose my email address, can others still contact me?
If your email is undisclosed, other members will simply see "Send Email" on the screen by your Name and our system will allow them to send you an email, without revealing your address. Please note you will be able to see THEIR email address on receipt, so you can message them back directly if you choose to do so.
09. How do I send someone a message?
If the person you want to send a message to has disclosed their email address, you can send them an email directly by clicking on their actual address.
If the person you want to send a message to has kept their email undisclosed, you can still send them a message "blind" using our system where it says "Send Email". You will not know their email address and they will receive the details of your email address to message you back directly if they choose to do so.
10. If I register, how long will it take to receive my login details?
Hopefully, only a few days - our Alumni Relations Manager works Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30am-3pm, term time only! We need to manually check all registrations. Thank you for your patience!
11. Who can see my photo?
If you choose to upload a photo, it is automatically disclosed.
12. What size and type of photo can I upload?
You can upload large file sizes as our system resizes them on import and we will accept most file extensions. Larger sizes will take longer to upload.
13. How do I update my email address?
Simply login to Old Owenians In Touch, go to Your Profile, scroll down to find Preferred Email and use the Edit button to update your details. If you'd prefer, send a message to oldowenians@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk and we'll update it for you!
14. How do I unsubscribe from Old Owenians In Touch?
Simply send us an email to oldowenians@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk with your request and we will remove you from our database. Please give us feedback if appropriate - thank you.
15. My name doesn't appear in my class list - why might this be?
You need to check that your "Class Of" year is correct on Your Profile. If you left in the Upper Sixth Form, your "Leaving Year" will be the same as your "Class Of" year. If however, you left in a previous year, your "Class Of" year will be stated as the year you would have left if you'd stayed 7 years at School.
16. I can't find peers in my Class Of year
Due to students attending School for varying lengths of time, we have been recommended to create Class Of which is the year you would have left if you'd stayed until the end of the Sixth Form. It may be that you need to search for those in the year preceeding or following your Class Of year to find fellow alumni as there will be some anomalies which might not have been updated.
17. I'm registering as a new member and have more than 3 "relationships with school" - how can I add more?
When you receive your Username and Password, you can log in and add more under Your Profile!
18. I'm a past parent/past member of staff/past governor - can I still register as a new member?
Yes, we welcome anyone who has a past relationship with our School who wants to keep in touch - even past grandparents! On the registration form, past staff and governors just need to put Class Of as the same as their Leaving year. Past parents just need to put the same School Years as their child. If you are a Friend of the School, please email oldowenians@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk with your details.
19. I only know my friends maiden name - can I still find her if she's since married?
If your friend has registered using her married name as her Surname and has included her maiden name as her Previous Name, any search under Find Friends will find her!

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