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June 2018 - Edition 23
December 2017 - Edition 22
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June 2017 - Edition 21
Message from our Head, Old Owenian’s Careers Talks Week 2017, Careers in Brewing and Livery Schools Link, School News reminder—where to find it!, Old Owenians In Touch—Privacy Notice for your information, Old Owen’s Association – report from retiring President Alan Davison, Old Owen’s Cricket Club Season 2016 – report from Alan Hunter, Old Owen’s Football Club 2016/17 – report from Paul Kennedy, Chairman Old Owens FC, Old Owen’s Association (OOA) updated website, Old Owenian meets royalty!, Secretary of State visits DAOS, DAOS Physics teacher featured in the New Scientist, No more fishing in our Lake!, Funding for New Teaching Building approved!, Serendipity at the Menin Gate in Ypres, Invitation from our Owen’s School Association (OSA), Vet & Med Soc’s (Veterinary Science and Medicine Societies) need your help!, Alumni donation becomes a reality, Daughter of Old Owenian to publish book, Alumni contributions…, HAROLD MOORE ANNUAL REUNION LUNCHEON—FOR ALL OLD OWENIANS—Monday 23rd October 2017, And finally… Do you know your alumni definitions?, Good luck to staff leavers, Welcome to Sonja and Tess —your new alumni contacts and request to support them, Goodbye from your Editor
June 2017 - Harold Moore Luncheon Invitation for all Old Owenians
Please complete application form to attend the Annual Reunion Luncheon in October!
June 2017 - Research Paper by DR EDMUND EDWARDS MCKINNON—CLASS OF 1952
See page 25 of our Old Owenians Newsletter for more details
March 2017 - Invitation from Alan Davison
Including Old Owen's Association AGM (free sparkling wine and food), new Netball coach position available, Class of 2010 Reunion on Sunday 11th June 2017. PLEASE READ PDF FOR MORE DETAILS!
December 2016 - Edition 20

Message from our new Head, A Retiring Summer!, Michaelmas Day remembered!, Generous Donation to the Music Department, War Memorial gets a makeover!, From the Arrow Magazine November 1916—in remembrance, State Secondary School of the Year – 2017 – Dame Alice Owen’s School!, Harold Moore Luncheon Annual Reunion 2016 —for all Old Owenians!, Old Owenians Business Directory!, Captain Keith Godfrey, Brandon and Troy Sampath, Former Parent, Nick Robinson, visits DAOS for talk on Democracy!, Old Owenian paints Head’s portrait!, The Arrow Magazine 2016, Login Protection!, Old Owenian pub owner gets award!, Help us with our Foreign Coin Collection!, Old Owenian lawyer also gets award!, New General Teaching Building, DAWES FAMILY—all Old Owenians!, Old Owenians Cricket Club (OOCC) Winter Newsletter 2016, New Premises Manager!, Golf at DAOS!, Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Awards!, Changes to A Levels at DAOS from September 2017, Old Owenian aid worker reports on Typhoon Haiyan, Alumni contributions, And finally…400th Anniversary DVD’s, Old Owenians Careers Talks Week—Mon-Thurs 6-9th March—our seventh year!, Old Owenians London Network Reception at Brewer’s Hall: Monday 8th May!, Anticipating Christmas!, Seasonal Recipe Recommendation!, Deadline for articles for next edition Monday 12th June 2017

December 2016 - Old Owen's Cricket Club Winter Newsletter
June 2016 - Edition 19

Message from the Head, Next Events for all Old Owenians!, Old Owenian’s Careers Talks Week 2016, Soul Band's 10th Anniversary Concert, Past and current students enjoy our Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning!, LinkedIn Tips for students!, The Old Owen’s Lodge, Opportunities for Old Owenians in higher education to apply for Bursaries, Thanks for your money!!!, Old Owenians join our staff team!, Request for Psychology speakers!, Mr Simpson attends Old Owenians Book Launch!, Catching up with more First Class Honours Degrees!, Old Owenian at the Menin Gate, Ypres, Obituaries, School News: Bring your own device (BYOD), Teaching Building Plans, Your contributions and articles, And finally… Many Congratulations to Triathletes!, Old Owenian helps launch Team GB kit!, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at DAOS, Deadline for next Newsletter!, Diary Dates for 2017!

June 2016 - Old Owen's Football Club 125th Anniversary Dinner!
Information about this celebratory event on Saturday 17th September 2016 - see also Newsletter page 2
June 2016 - Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon - FOR ALL OLD OWENIANS!
Information about this event - ALL WELCOME - Monday 31st October 2016 - see also Newsletter page 2
June 2016 - Master Brewer's speech to the Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales joins the Livery Company - speech by Miles Jenner - see also Newsletter page 2
December 2015 - Request for New Blood!
Old Owen's needs committee members; request for volunteers from Dr Alan Davison - see also Newsletter page 4
December 2015 - Join Old Owen's!
Membership instructions from Secretary, Alan Hunter - also see Newsletter page 4
December 2015 - Sir Alan Parker's Opening Speech!
Speech for the opening of the Sir Alan Parker Building - see also Newsletter page 11
December 2015 - Report on Volunteering in Sri Lanka
Report by Mandy English on 2 week project teaching IT - see also Newsletter page 26
December 2015 - Frangipane Mince Pies
Recipe by popular request!
June 2015 - Edition 17

Message from our Head, Old Owenians Careers Talks - March 2015, Brewers Talk, Former Parent, Simon Upcott Talk, Scott Bain Talk, Dame Alice Statue Returns, Old Owenians Network Reception - May 2015, Millennium Plinth outside Brewers’ Hall, New Languages, Drama and Learning support building to be named after an Old Owenian, New Deputy Head appointment, Tom Morkill MBE, Students excel in Art Exhibitions, Students and staff excel at team and individual Sports, Sir Ian Mckellen comes to visit, Next School Events to which you’re very welcome (inc. Open Day - Thursday 16th July, 2-5pm), Cricket at Old Owen’s Sports Ground—by Alan Hunter, Lyrical Ballads 1798, Your next Old Owenians event—Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon, More Firsts for the Honours Board, Opportunities for you in our Advanced Learning Alliance, Support Us - to answer your questions and contributions from:HAYLEY POMFRETT – CLASS OF 1997, ADAM HARRIS—CLASS OF 1981, ROSIE BUSIAKIEWICZ – CLASS OF 2011, DAVID SPURLING—CLASS OF 1956, EDMUND MCKINNON – CLASS OF 1952, JUDITH SIMPSON—LEFT AROUND 1950, ROY CHENERY – CLASS OF 1967, TIM BOSTON – CLASS OF 1964, TONY LAVENDER – CLASS OF 1956, RUSSELL FELL – CLASS OF 1963, RALPH ROBINSON - CLASS OF 1910, ARTHUR STANLEY-SMITH – CLASS OF ???, BRIEN MARTIN –CLASS OF 1951, MIKE GOODGE—CLASS OF 1961, JOHN WESTON – CLASS OF 1952, ANDY HALLEWELL – CLASS OF 1981, LES GIBBINGS – LEFT 1971, ANTHONY MOORE—CLASS OF 1952, MARK LITTMAN - SEPTEMBER 1920 - JUNE 2015, CJ SOULSBY – CLASS OF 1946, REUNION—CLASS OF 1966, DAVID DALLMAN—CLASS OF 1961, BARRY CAIN – CLASS OF 1970 AND NEIL MACKENZIE MATTHEWS – CLASS OF 1976, GREGORY AROUTIUNIAN – CLASS OF 2012 And finally... Request for information from Lesley Dean, Former Parent, Ian Huckle, tells us about Golfing discounts, Top Triathlon Tips, Bursary Information for alumni currently in higher education, Old Owenians Careers Talks Week 2016, Another Old Owenian returns to work here, Thanks to Tom Imber, Next Event!

June 2015 - Old Fold Manor
Golf Offers from local club - see also Newsletter page 38
June 2015 - Top Triathlon Tips
For all Triathlon newbies - Mandy English - see also Newsletter page 38
December 2014 - Edition 16

Message from our Head, Dame Alice Owen’s School First World War Memorial, Old Owenians Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon, Old Owen’s Sports Ground—Home of the Old Owen’s Association, Old Owen’s Cricket Club, Old Owen’s Football Club and Potters Bar United Football Club, Old Owen’s Cricket Club – Report on the 2014 Season, Are you thinking about a future career in teaching? Welcome to our School Direct recruits! First Class Honours Degrees, Report on Science Society Lecture – November 10th 2014, Science Society Lectures, Cardiac Risk in the Young and Jake Gallagher, Continued support for our Business Studies students, Dame Alice Owen’s Statue at Tate Britain—don’t miss it! Dame Mary Glen Haig - Obituary, Remembering Antony Staniland, Message from The OSA - Foreign notes and coins collection, Old Owenians come to visit, Contributions from: PATRICK ELWOOD – CLASS OF 2012, LEONARD ALLEN – Owen’s Scholar 1930’s, JOHNNY QUINN – CLASS OF 2008, MERLIN MILLER – CLASS OF 2004, MICHAEL J LE GOOD—CLASS OF 1952, LINDA RUBANO NEE GOLDHILL – CLASS OF 1963, LES GIBBINGS—CLASS OF 1971, PETER ELDRIDGE—LEFT 1968, GRAHAM SIMMONS – CLASS OF 1950 And finally… Pete Hutchinson, Follow @DAOSAlumni on Twitter! Old Owenians In Touch, Dame Alice Owen’s School ahead of the game! Old Owenians Careers Talks Week 2-5th March 2015

September 2014 - Edition 15

Message from our Head, Invitation to our Old Owenians Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon, School events for alumni this term, Request to support our Business Studies students, Advanced Learning Alliance offer internships, Development work, New Languages, Drama and SEN (Special Educational Needs) Building, Old Owen's Association Charity Status, The George Frampton marble and bronze statue of Dame Alice Owen, Spandau Ballet Film Premiere, Senior Prefects and Honours Degrees, Maths Department Honours Board, Andrew Savvides shares his Year in Industry with Business Studies students, Andrew Savvides shares his Year in Industry with Business Studies students, Bursaries and Awards, Request from Old Mercers, alumni reports and contributions from: BRITTANY McGOWAN - CLASS OF 2009, DAMIEN YING—CLASS OF 2013, DOUG SCOTT – LEFT 2004, NICHOLAS RULE – LEFT 1971, LUCY DODGE—CLASS OF 2014, JAN ALLAIN—CLASS OF 1976, LES GIBBINGS – CLASS OF 1971, And finally… (Robert Pepper MBE, Old Owenians In Touch and Newsletters biannual from December 2014, ‘Class Of’ Category on Old Owenians In Touch, Changes to our School website, Cycling to work, Save the date -Old Owenians Careers Talks Week 2-5th March 2015)

June 2014 - Edition 14

Message from our Head, Tom Morkill MBE, Edward Guinness 90th Birthday, Old Owenians In Touch, Honours Board and Senior Prefects - more girls names updated, Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning feedback, Ian Breeze - umpire's MCC v Herts, In memory of Charlotte Faux, Languages Talk by Jacquelyn Gurderley, Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon - save the date, Class of 1986 Reunion, GCSE and A Level Art Exhibitions 2014, Staff Weekender May, Science Society Lectures - request for speakers, Invitation to Summer and other Events, Old Owenians Choir, Old Owenians Golf Society, Landscape Work in Progress, Open Day 2014, Old Owen's Football 1st XI report and contributions from the following Old Owenians: GEORGE BRAY – LEFT 2007, HAROLD EDWARD SALMON – LEFT 1915, PROFESSOR ERNEST GORDON RUPP 1910-1986 (ref DAVID DALLMAN—LEFT 1961, HEAD BOY), WARWICK BROWN—LEFT 1958, JUNE PURVIS NEE MANSELL—LEFT 1973, GRAHAM HALL—LEFT 1961, HOLLY SMALE– LEFT 2000, STANLEY GORDEN KILLINGBACK – 1907-1916, ERY HUGHES – LEFT 2010, PATRICIA BARBER NEE BLACKETT—LEFT 1960, JOHN WESTON—LEFT 1952, ARNOLD LYNCH—1914-2004, KEN JONES – LEFT 1951, CLARE KIRK – LEFT 1995, GERALD FRANK JONES 1924-2014 (ref PETER MARTIN - LEFT 1971), ROB “TAFF” THOMAS – LEFT 1980, COLIN WEBSTER—LEFT 1961, DOUGLAS SCOTT—LEFT 2004, JAMES DANIELLI – LEFT 1907, HAROLD PEACOCK – LEFT 1909, ALOYSIUS DANIELLI – LEFT 1910 (ref John Peacock), SUE BANKS – LEFT 1972, LES GIBBINGS—LEFT 1972, ROWAN FUGGLE—LEFT 2007, REBECCA SIMPSON—LEFT 2013, TARNE WESTCOTT—LEFT 1993, And finally...(Reminder about Old Owenians In Touch and Data Protection! Thank you to Tim Rayner, In Touch and Old Owenian testers! Class Of, History Book, Salad Days)

June 2014 - Tarne Westcott - Sahara Marathon blog
March 2014 - Edition 13

Message from our Head, Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning, Myddelton Building Opens Unofficially, New Project Underway, Myddelton Building Architect shortlisted for Award, Dame Alice Owen’s School looks long-term, New Clerk to Governors, Old Owen’s Association, Old Owenians Careers Talks Week 2014, Andrew Porter returns to support Year 13 Politics students, Guy Parsonage (left 1990) returns to DAOS via Skype, Old School Photos still available back to 1982, New School Photograph presented, Philippa Found returns to DAOS, Owen’s Oracle, Alex Tsui (left 2004) grateful for DAOS grant, Ten and Twenty Year Reunions 2014—dates for your diary, Talking of Reunions….Gary, Tony, John and Steve return to the US, The Arrow Magazine 2014, Sir Clive Rose, a descendant of Alice Owen, The Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers award top prize to Owen’s teacher, Old Owenian wins UK Young Engineer of the Year, More School News, Forthcoming diary dates for School Events 2014, Owen’s win 2 categories at the Mid-Somerset Festival and contributions from the following Old Owenians: ANDRI CONSTANTINOU – LEFT 2010, HARRY SOTERIOU – LEFT 2010, NIALL KEMPSON – LEFT 2010, EILEEN WHAPHAM—1907-2002 and sister VIOLET WHAPHAM (NEE GRAY) – 1909-1987, WALLACE BECKETT—LEFT 1916, JOHN WESTON—LFET 1952, JOANNE WALKER—LEFT 1994, COLIN BULL—LEFT 1970, HEAD BOY, SAMUEL FAUX—LEFT 2012, MARJORIE BOWYER (NEE WOOD) —LEFT 1937, LILY SMALL (NEE NASH) - LEFT C1944, LES GIBBINGS—LEFT 1971, ALYWN GAMMAGE - LEFT 1954, And finally… (Harold Moore Annual Luncheon Reunion 2014 for all Old Owenians, 400th Anniversary Archive, Mandela tribute from Barry Hyman, Updated Admission Arrangements, Technical Tip, Hope to see you soon!)

March 2014 - Papers by Alex Tsui - 1 of 2 Renal Trauma
March 2014 - Papers by Alex Tsui - 2 of 2 Parkinson's Disease
December 2013 - Edition 12
Message from our Head, Report on our Autumn Term 400th events (Old Owen’s Lodge 400th Anniversary Reception, An Audience with Sir Alan Parker, Screen on the Green, Islington, An Evening with David Dein, Edward Guinness Hall, Dame Alice Owen’s School, Harold Moore Luncheon Reunion, Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London, Train Naming Ceremony, St Albans Nine Lessons and Carols), Report on 400th Appeal, Forthcoming events in 2014 (Old Owenians Careers Talks Week and Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning), invitation from our 2014 Arrow Team Editors, dates of School events, Workshops by Old Owenian Louise Gubbay for inspiring actors/actresses, Old Owen’s Golf Society update, Tony Hadley at the Royal Albert Hall, New Gym Shield and contributions from our following Old Owenians: DAVID NEWMAN—LEFT 1974, MICAHEL BROADHURST—LEFT 1963, GEOFFREY HUNT – LEFT 1962, HOLLIE SMALE—LEFT 2000, DANIEL DAVIS, IRENE ROPER – LEFT 1963, ALAN NEWMAN – LEFT 1969, JUNE PURVIS NEE MANSELL—LEFT 1973, DOUGLAS HEATON—LEFT 1959, RON HASLER—LEFT 1963, ROSS JOHNSTONE - LEFT 2009, SLYVIA GAMBIN (NEE GODFREY) - LEFT 1964, LES GIBBINGS—LEFT 1971, PAMELA MANSI (NEE STUBBS) – LEFT 1951 AND VALERIE CROSS (NEE STUBBS) – LEFT 1955, ALAN BEAUMONT—LEFT 1955, DRAMA ALUMNI: GEMMA BARNETT—LEFT 2012, CAMERON BIGGS—LEFT 2011, NICOLE BLACK, JAMIE COLES—LEFT 2012, DANIEL GARBER—LEFT 2010, NATASHA KAFKA—LEFT 2013, BEATRICE OUTRAM, ALICE RAFTER—LEFT 2012, MILLIE ROLLE—LEFT 2012, LUCIE SNOW—LEFT 2009, PHOEBE STREET—LEFT 2009, DAVID DALLMAN—LEFT 1961, LEE SALLOWS – LEFT 1963, ROBIN OFFORD – LEFT 1959, IAN CRAFT – LEFT 1957, JOHN HATCHER – LEFT 1960, TYLER RIX – LEFT 2011, MARCUS KAYE—LEFT 1945, And finally... (Nelson Mandela and Foodbank in Potters Bar)
September 2013 - Edition 11
Message from our Head, Forthcoming 400th Events, Report on 400th Events July/August, 400th Appeal, Old Owen's Golf Society, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)—18th-24th November 2013, Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning, Saturday 10th May 2014, 10am-12noon, Old Owen’s Sports Ground Fireworks Event, Our School Concerts, Our Science Society Lectures, Continuing Cultural Opportunities for Students, Your contributions, feedback, comments and requests: RUTH GOLDMAN (NEE SOBOL)—LEFT 1959, JUDITH SIMPSON (NEE BROWN) - ISLINGTON GIRLS’ SCHOOL 1940’S, CHRIS CHICK—LEFT 2010, TREVOR HARVEY—LEFT 1963, PAMELA MANSI (NEE STUBBS) - LEFT 1951, IAN BAGSTER—LEFT 1971, LES GIBBINGS—LEFT 1971, GRAHAM BIRD—LEFT 1950, DAVID NEWMAN—LEFT 1974, ANDREW WARD—LEFT 2006, MERVYN GILBERT—LEFT 1960, JOHN HAMPSON—LEFT 1958, ROY HEADLEY—LEFT 1956, NORMAN GOLDNER—LEFT 1970, SHAH SIDDIQI—LEFT 1978, IAN SMITH—died 2013, ALAN VENN—died 2013, JOHN LANGFORD – LEFT 1955 – Head Boy, MURIEL BURGESS (Teacher at the Girls’ School in Islington from 1956), BRENDA AINSLEY—LEFT 1952—Deputy Head Girl, DAVID DALLMAN—LEFT 1961—Head Boy, DAME ALICE OWEN—DIED 24TH SEPTEMBER 1613, CHRISTINE EBERHARDIE (NEE SAMPSON)—LEFT 1965, And finally… (including ESFA U18 Football Trials, New River and Blue Stockings)
September 2013 - Old Owen's Football Club - souvenir programme
June 2013 - Edition 10
Message from our Head, Message from our Chair of Governors, Your Editor on your feedback from the Royal Albert Hall, An Apology to our Islington Old Girls*, St Paul's Cathedral Thanksgiving Service, The Lord Mayor Returns, DVD/Photo reminder, County Cup Win, Our 400th Legacy Continues, 400th Anniversary Football Match, Forthcoming 400th Anniversary Events, 400th Appeal, 2014 events (Careers Talks/Coffee and Tour Morning), Welcome to New Old Owenians, PTA Volunteer of the Year, Talking of Volunteers, Talking of Equal Opportunities, Old Owen's Golf Society, Old Owen's Association, Gary and Martin Kemp, 400th Beer, Invitation to our Concerts, Old Owenian Visitors, St Paul's Cathedral Photos, Mansion House Photos, Your Feedback from the RAH, Your contributions; KEITH MILES OBE –LEFT 1958, JEAN WADDILOVE (NEE OLDFIELD) - LEFT 1950, HEAD GIRL, GERALD (GERRY) WOOLF—LEFT 1972, JACKIE BLAKE (NEE WADE) - LEFT 1961, ROLAND LEES—LEFT 1966, EDWARD GUTMANN—LEFT 2001, HANNAH COLLEDGE—LEFT 2011, JENNY COLLEDGE (NEE PHILPOTT)—LEFT 1984, JOHN HAMPSON—LEFT 1958, JANICE WELCH (NEE TURNER) - LEFT 1971, MIKE CLARK—LEFT 1954, NORMAN GOLDNER—LEFT 1970, GEORGE MARTIN—STARTED 1934, HEATHER JOHNSON (NEE ROBINSON) - LEFT 1966, BERNARD VICTOR—LEFT 1949, NEIL MOTCHAN—LEFT 1945, LEE PREBBLE—LEFT 1969, BRIAN KIRBY—LEFT 1976, GRAHAM SIMMONS—LEFT 1956, GAVIN JORDAN—LEFT 1992, LES GIBBINGS—LEFT 1971, PAMELA MANSI (NEE STUBBS) - LEFT 1951, And finally... (including calendar of remaining 2013 events)

* List of Islington Old Girl's School Headmistresses - page 27, Islington Old Girls' School Song - page 44
June 2013 - Auction Lots for 400th Anniversary Ball
June 2013 - Auction application form
June 2013 - Press Release WHTimes - Royal Albert Hall
June 2013 - Press Release WHTimes - St Pauls and Mansion House
March 2013 - Edition 9
Message from our Head, 400th News - Royal Albert Hall Concert, including School Song, St Paul's and Mansion House, 400th Ball, 400th Beer, Old Owenians Careers Talks Feedback, 400th Football event, 400th Sports Matches, Old Owen's Sports Ground News, Congratulations to Sir Alan Parker, Owen's most oversubscribed school, Snow plough, Owen's style, Oak Court, Old Owen's Association AGM, Old Owen's Lodge and congratulations to Bill Hamilton-Hinds, Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon - NEW DATE!, Gareth Randall radio interview, 400th Celebration Cake recipe, PAUL BIRRI - LEFT 2006, EDMUND EDWARDS McKINNON – LEFT 1952, SARAH MCKEEVER (NEE GAUNT) —LEFT 1986, MIKE STEIN—LEFT 1965, MICK FIELD—LEFT 1968, DR MARCUS KAYE—LEFT 1945, GAVIN JORDAN AND EMILIOS LEMONIATIS – LEFT 1992, DAVID GOULD – LEFT 1957, DEBBIE HEARNDEN AND SIMON GIBBS – LEFT 2005 MICHAEL ANDREWS—LEFT 1946, ALASTAIR CROCKETT – LEFT 2003, ANTHONY METTAM – LEFT 1956, COLIN BULL—LEFT 1970, JENNIFER RANDS (NEE LANDERYOU) - LEFT 1964, DR MORRIS SMITH BSC,PHD,FBCS,FBIS - LEFT 1948, MARY TITHER—LEFT 1954, TREVOR HARVEY—LEFT 1963, PETER CATON—LEFT 1961, TERRY SIMISTER—LEFT 1961, GRAHAME FLINT—LEFT 2001, LES GIBBINGS– LEFT 1971, BEN GOODSON—LEFT 2009, NEVILLE STOLL—LEFT 1948, CECIL PEDERSON—LEFT 1948, JIM BRADBURY—LEFT 1955, EILEEN SPELLMAN (NEE PEARCE) – LEFT 1958, EDNA WYMANT (NEE LEE) - LEFT 1940, BEVAN SMITH—LEFT 2003, PAMELA MANSI (NEE STUBBS)—LEFT 1951, IAN FINDLEY – LEFT 1960, SYLVIA GAMBIN (NEE GODFREY) – 1964, JOE DAY—LEFT 1952, TYLER RIX—LEFT 2011, ALASTAIR CROCKETT – LEFT 2003, Notify us of your change of email address, The Zoo Club, 400th Arrow Magazine, Help needed to accommodate French students in April, Islington People's Plaques, 400th Anniversary New River Project, The OWEN'S Way, Science Society Lectures, Techno Tip - maps, And finally...Going The Extra 14 Miles!!!
December 2012 - Edition 8
Message from our Head, 400th Anniversary Launch and Unveiling of Historical Display (invitation to event!), 400th Anniversary Concert, 400th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service and Reception, 400th Ball—time to party! Owen’s Book Corner (including our 400th History Book)! Harold Moore Annual Luncheon Reunion for all Old Owenians—a review by Mandy English, Speeches...for those of you who couldn’t join us... Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon for all Old Owenians in 2013, New River 400th Anniversary—links with our own 400th Anniversary! Old Owenian visits from the US and the Frampton statue is to go on tour! Head Boys/Head Girls/Deputy’s/Senior Team members! Learning Support Department follow dyslexia research to try to improve students experience, Message from Bill Hamilton-Hinds about our New Science Building! Blazer Boys Busking Bonanza! Partner School in Tanzania to benefit from student fund-raising, 400th Anniversary Cake! Invitation from our 2013 Arrow Editors, Old Owenian reports from the Front Line in Israel, Science Society Lectures, Old Owen’s Sports Ground, Whole School Photo – first one for 11 years! KEITH ARTHUR—LEFT 1963, JOHN ESSON—LEFT 1957, NICK GARRETT—LEFT 1987, GUY PARSONAGE – LEFT 1990, TAMSYNNE WESTCOTT—LEFT 1996, AMY CRICHTON—LEFT 2008, CHARLEY BATES - LEFT 2005, KENNETH TEACHER – LEFT 1948, LORRAINE HAMMOND—LEFT 1977, 1950’s REUNION GROUP, JOHN CORSON – LEFT 1964, ALAN KAY—LEFT 1947, VAL McCARTHY—LEFT 2012, SIMON PYZER—LEFT 1969, LES GIBBINGS—LEFT 1971, OSCAR MANTHORPE—LEFT 2008, ARTHUR BAKER – left 1941, NEIL MOTCHAN—LEFT 1945, REBECCA WHEATLEY—LEFT 2007, ADAM STATON—LEFT 2005, ?BRIAN DELL—LEFT 1953, ALISON (“Ali”) FINCH—LEFT 2007, Obituaries 2012: NEST KISCH (Head of the Girls’ School in Islington 1960 – 1973), EILEEN BECKWITH (NEE FAIRCLOUGH) - at Owen’s 1944-1951, HELEN URI—joined Owen’s in 1936, And finally….
December 2012 - Student Voices
September 2012 - Edition 7
Message from our Head, 400th Anniversary Launch and Unveiling of Historical Display, 400th Anniversary Concert – Royal Albert Hall, Recruiting for Royal Albert Hall Massed Choir!, 400th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service - St Paul’s Cathedral and Mansion House Reception (page 3), Dame Alice Owen’s School—A History 1613-2013, 400th Anniversary Appeal for our New Science Building – work now in progress!, Parable of the Talents – Student Fundraising for our 400th Anniversary Appeal!, Old Owenians Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon reminder, 400th Anniversary Ball, Open Invitation to School Events!, Science Society Lectures October—December 2012, Head Boy/Head Girl/Senior Team names!, Old Owen’s Association events!, National Careers Week 2013, The Arrow Magazine—an Old Owenians review!, Good wishes for our 400th Anniversary celebrations, Beer Money Ceremony, Old Owen’s Golf Society reminder!, Lycee Saint Paul to take part in our 400th Concert!, TYLER RIX –LEFT 2011, ROBERT VINE—LEFT 1949, PATSY WHITESIDE (NEE DONOGHUE) - LEFT 1965, DR MARCUS KAYE—LEFT 1945, GEOFFREY MATHER—LEFT 1960, TONY VINE—LEFT 1963, JUDITH SIMPSON—LEFT AROUND 1950, MICK FIELD – LEFT 1968, PETER LEVY – LEFT 1961, IAN FINDLEY—LEFT 1960, ALAN GOODCHILD—LEFT 1950, JAMES PENSON – LEFT 1998, DR HARRY BINYSH—LEFT DURING 1930’S, HOWARD BINYSH—LEFT 1980, RAYMOND LAW—LEFT 1939, VERA LAW (NEE BARRETT) - LEFT 1946, JOHN ESSON—LEFT 1957, LYNNE LLOYD 1953-2012, JACQUELINE GERSHON—LEFT 1938, And finally...
June 2012 - Edition 6
Message from our Head, Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning feedback and next opportunity to visit the school, Visits from Down Under, Deputy Head Girl reports on Diamond Jubilee lunch at Westminster Hall, Beer Money goes up!, 400th anniversary email list, 400th anniversary news supplement, Royal Albert Hall, INCLUDING REQUEST FOR MUSICIANS (PAGE 6), Historical display and request for items, History Book -advance copies available to order, St Paul's Cathedral, Sir George Frampton, 400th anniversary Summer Ball and Reunion, Memorabilia, Islington People's Plaques, University of the Third Age, Old Owen's Golf Society, Acting success for two Old Owenians, Diamond Wedding Anniversary Congratulations, Potters Bar Bowls Club, Old Owen's Association Website and Old Owen's Association News, New River Head and Sir Hugh Myddelton, Staff nearly curtsies to Dame Beryl Grey, Science Society Speakers September 2012 - March 2013, OSA (Owen's School Association) Summer Fete, Who remembers their Head Boy/Head Girl or Deputies?, From the Inside - William Hamilton-Hinds interview, Brian Rust 1922-2011, David Pearce - left 1949, David Shipman - left 1962, Piers Compton - left 2005, Derek Reeve - left 1965, James Dunkin - left 2000, Jacqueline Gershon - left 1938, Les Gibbings - left 1971, Mark Caucutt - left 1978, Mervyn Gilbert -left 1960, Michael Kelly - left 1949, Neil Motchan - left 1945, Tarne Westcott - left 1993, Alan Hunter - left 1972, Sara Wayland (nee Newell), left 1977, Sir John Edwards - left 1954, Alexander Gray 1926-2013, Colin Bull - left 1970, Valerie Kay (nee Davey) - left 1957, And finally...
June 2012 - The New River Path
March 2012 - Edition 5
Message from our Head, Old Owenians Coffee and Tour Morning, 2013th Old Owenian, Old Owenians Careers Talks 2012, Supporting current students, Things don't change, Communities unite, Twelve Months On, St Paul's News, Royal Albert Hall, From the Inside - Bob Paisley interview, Old Owenian to carry Olympic Torch, Ruth Goldman - left 1959, Jeff Jarman - left 1966, Russell Fell - left 1963, Joseph Day - left 1952, Jacqueline Gershon - left 1938, Joan Richards - left 1940, Steve White - left 1999, Jan Cooper and Sara Wayland - left 1977, David Bissett - left 1952, Leslie Cook -left 1952, Brian Wilkins - left 1955, Brian Cheetham - left 1958, Les Gibbings - left 1971, Professor John Neoptolemus - left 1970, John Longden - 1922-2011, And finally...
December 2011 - Edition 4
Welcome, Dr Alan Davison's Christmas message and financial rewards available for students still in full time education, 400th Anniversary News, Royal Albert Hall, St Paul's Cathedral, 400th Anniversary Emailing List, Careers Talks Week 2012, Work Experience Feedback 2011, Old Owenians Association News, Special Offer from the Arrow Magazine Team, Harold Moore Luncheon Reunion report, 125th Anniversary of the Old Girls' School, Science Society Lectures and student feedback, The Scientific Society in 1956, Visit to CERN, Remembering Old Owenians, Old Owenians in the Forces today, From the Inside - Pete Hutchinson interview, Orlando Gibbons - left 2010, Chris Robinson - left 1972, Jeremy Brock - left 1960, Barry Hyman - left 1959, Nigel Eidmans - left 1969, Les Gibbings - left 1971, School Intake - 1950: Warwick Brown, Dalziell Day, Ben Dimond, Stephen Franklin, Chas Hart, James Harvey, Tom Jupp, Bill Lippett, Anthony Lynn, Geoffrey Ransby, John Rose, Ian Scott, Graham Simmons, George Sims, Ian Smith, Mervyn Theaker, Michael Wearing, Norman Webster, Malcolm White, Old Owenians - others from 1950, Dame Beryl Grey, And finally...
September 2011 - Edition 3
Welcome, 125th Anniversary of the Old Girls' School, Harold Moore Luncheon, Current students celebrate their success, News of Old Owen's Association Social Events, Our Science Society Lecture Dates, Diary Dates for our 400th Anniversary, News for the Royal Albert Hall, News from St Paul's Cathedral, The Owen's Way, 400th Anniversary Emailing List, Sir Alan Parker, South Africa Tour, Old Owen's Cricket Club, Jean Cook - left 1956, John Rich - left 1969, Peter Lloyd Williams - left 1951, Peter Eldridge - left 1968, Arthur Hassler - left 1974, Mike and Dan Hellens - left 1970 and 2000, Brian Wilkins - left 1955, Bill Morgan - left 1969, Joan Haley - left 1954, Colin Sturgeon - Parent Governor 1974-1989, Lilian Linden - left 1959, Dennis Horner - left 1938, Alan Beaumont - left 1955, AngelaTurek - left 1964, Barry Hyman - left 1959, Dan Rogger - left 2000, Bill Harman (part 2) - left 1963, Tim Rayner - current governor, Mandy English - current staff and editor on South Africa, South African recipes, And finally...
June 2011 - Edition 2
Welcome, Survey Results, Open Invitation to Events, Supporting current students, current school news, Welcome to the New Old Owenians, Old Owen's Association News, Harold Moore Luncheon Reunion, 400th Anniversary Emailing List Target, Friends Reunited, IN GOD IS ALL OUR TRUST, Photos of Old Islington Sites, Work Experience, 400th Anniversary Committee, Science Society Lectures, F.E. Cleary Gates, Islington Council Peoples Plaques, Tips for Bookmarks and Zoom, Old Owenians contributions: Arthur Kimpton—born 1878 William Foyle—born 1885 Grandfather to the current Chairman of Foyles, Christopher Foyle, Charles Baron - left 1936, Ted Pick - left 1940, Jean Cook - left 1956, Barry Hyman - left 1959, Geoffry Mather - left 1960, Roy Whitehead - left 1960, Jacqueline Blake - left 1961, Bill Harman - left 1963—Part 1, Kevin Ward – left 1964, Christine Eberhardie - left 1965, Mick Field - left 1968, Lawrence Taylor – left 1981, Past staff - Peter Salisbury - left 1981, Past staff - Barbara Finlayson - left 2002, And finally...
March 2011 - Edition 1
Welcome to the first newsletter for all Old Owenians, Exciting news about the Royal Albert Hall, 400th Anniversary Programme, Historical Exhibition and Publication, Past Head Boy/Head Girl and Senior Team Reunion, The Old Owen's Association, Encouraging your contributions, Online Survey for Old Owenians, And finally...
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